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 "With the anam cara you could share your inner-most self, your mind and your heart. This was an act of recognition and belonging. When you had an anam cara, your relationship cut across all convention, morality, and category. You were joined in an ancient and eternal way with the “friend of your soul.”  -John O'Donohue

 Anamcara refers to the Celtic concept of the "soul friend" in religion and spirituality.

 In the Celtic tradition "soul friends" were considered an essential and integral part of spiritual development.  

 We named our practice after this ancient concept because we believe that this describes the sacred nature of the relationship we strive to have with all of our clients. 


Your unique, individual journey  is yours alone, and we promise that it will be respected and honored - wherever you are along that path, and wherever that path may lead. 


We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. 

Holistic Therapy and Wellness

What Holistic Means to Us


"Holistic" has become something of a buzz word these days and it has been used for everything from "marijuana dispensary" to "medical practice." 

But what does it actually mean? 

Holistic means understanding all of the parts of something as being  intimately interconnected and only truly understood in the context of the whole. 

In our case, it means that we strive to offer our services from a spiritual and philosophical perspective that embraces the totality of who a person is. 

It means that if you come in seeking mental health therapy, you won't become a series of insurance codes and a diagnosis. 

It means that we see you and understand you as a unique individual and also  in the context of your entire life and experience. 

We all exist in a vast net of connection points, communities, relationships, beliefs, histories, identities,  memories, dreams, desires, hopes, wants, needs and loves. 

All of those aspects of who you are are welcome here. 

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