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About Us

Robriel Wolf is an unrepentantly and gleefully MULTI multi-media artist 

Robriel Wolf is an artist who brings the multi to multi-media. Rob's work ranges from the whimsical and playful to the mystical and spiritual. 

He is an illustrator, painter, sculptor, printmaker, fabric artist and builder of OOAK (One Of A Kind) art dolls and custom fetishes. He also dabbles in jewelry making and body ornamentation.  

It is rumored that he may also be a hoarder of art supplies of dragon-like proportions. 

He lives with a motley assortment of heirs, associates and affiliates as well as three cats, two dogs, four parakeets and two fish. 

Step inside and see what the strange and fantastical world of Robriel has to offer today.

You want the pretty? 

I bring. 

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We love our customers, but we'd prefer they make an appointment before just showing up at the studio. We'd hate for you to be accidentally eaten by something. 

That's just unseemly. 

Robriel Wolf Creations

Farthest West Fogbank, California

(925) 808-9032


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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